Our Services

BarCrowd's exam drafting seminars and editorial reviews help expert practitioners and law professors draft and edit high-quality multiple-choice exams for both doctrinal and practical testing.
BarCrowd's expert staff help law professors to develop learning outcomes, assessment plans, customized multiple-choice templates, and grading rubrics.
BarCrowd's exam development services are customized to your needs, ranging from editing-only services to item banking, drafting committee support, and project management. Contact us to discuss your multiple-choice exam needs.
BarCrowd's staff assist law professors in managing curriculum documentation and ongoing instructional technology updates to ensure that formative assessments are providing the desired feedback.

About Us

Beth Donahue, CEO
Beth is an attorney and an expert in the development and delivery of legal assessments, with experience building learning outcomes, test specifications, grading rubrics, and summative and formative exams, as well as teaching online asynchronous courses and managing software development teams building software for test question banking, exam building, secure exam delivery, and score reporting. Beth is a past Vice President of Law School Product Development for the BARBRI Group, where she authored a comprehensive set of cross-course learning outcomes for law schools, developed innovative multiple-choice questions assessing comprehension and analysis of legal source materials, and served as one of the four founding members of BARBRI's Center for Educational Development, a think tank on the future of legal education. She is also a past Program Director and lead editor of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE®) and has significant experience leading business-side development of online assessment systems for law schools as well as K-12 students. Beth regularly serves as a consultant for law schools and has presented at legal education conferences on the subjects of quality question drafting, exam building, grading with outcomes-based scoring rubrics, and developing learning outcomes and formative assessment programs. She is an unapologetic lover of the multiple-choice format and has coached more than a hundred law professors in the United States and abroad in drafting and editing quality learning outcomes, test questions, and grading rubrics. Prior to her career in assessment, Beth served as a law clerk for a federal district court judge. She graduated with high honors from Chicago-Kent College of Law. She is passionate about the potential of formative assessment to drive student learning and about the deliberate alignment of what is taught and tested with what is needed to practice law.

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® MBE is a registered trademark of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. All rights reserved.

Stacy Littrell, COO
Stacy is a paralegal and an expert in the production and logistics of standardized assessments. She served for many years as an assistant editor and Manager of Testing Services at the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE®), where she produced materials for expert drafting committees, staffed drafting meetings, and led the scheduling, quality control, production, and delivery of all standard and nonstandard exams, including materials such as Braille, audio exams, and laptops loaded with screen-reading software. Stacy also managed all exam shipping and answer sheet imaging, scanning, inventory, and score reporting services. Finally, Stacy managed NCBE’s test security and administration services for all U.S. boards of bar examiners. Since founding BarCrowd, Stacy has managed law school projects related to curriculum and accreditation documentation, learning-outcomes mapping, item banking, reporting on student performance across learning outcomes, and instructional design support for the online delivery of instructional materials and assessments across multiple technology platforms.

® NCBE is a registered trademark of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. All rights reserved.